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Although many of the Santa Cruz island’s popular activities are close by the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, there are other unique places that will require some light traveling as they are a little further away from the hotel. Explore all of the terrains of Santa Cruz Island and discover incredible natural formations, volcano craters, pristine beaches and more.

Rancho Primicias

If you’d like to explore the highlands of Puerto Ayora you can’t miss Rancho Primicias, a wonderful  reserve famous for its giant Galapagos tortoises that can be seen wild and free, roaming carelessly in their natural habitat. Walk among these iconic tortoises and experience an up close look at the emblem animal of the archipelago. To get to this great place you’ll need to take a 30 minute ride to the highlands of the island, a trip that´ll be worth the wait.

Lava Tunnels

Definitely the world of the Galapagos Islands never ceases to amaze, around Santa Cruz Islands you can visit multiple stunning natural formations, but perhaps the most peculiar ones are the Lava Tunnels. These enormous geological wonders were formed by volcanic eruptions and are considered a labyrinth of complex passageways that connect underground. The atmosphere inside the tunnels is silent and cool and you can really hear the echo of your voice in these long volcanic rock tunnels where once lava passed through, millions of years ago while the islands of this wonderful archipelago were forming.

Twin Craters

The Twin Craters, or Los Gemelos are astonishing formations located in the highest lands of the island. They’re two big depressions on the land, separated only by a road. These impressive holes were formed by volcanic eruptions, many even say they’re remnant craters of ancient volcanoes. On this spectacular landscape you can hike, explore and watch an incredible variety of Galapagos birds.

El Trapiche

El Trapiche is a surprising place to visit, this is a complete farm where delicious organic crops are cultivated. Coffee, sugar cane, tomatoes and more, grow in these fertile lands where they’re also processed for consumption. Visitors can enjoy all the stages of fascinating, old timey and artisanal ways of processing products like “aguardiente” liquor or ground coffee. The name of the place makes reference to the name of an artisanal machine used to extract the juice out of sugar cane. On this educational and entertaining tour you can purchase the farm’s products, such as coffee and sugar cane liquor.

El Garrapatero Beach

This whole beach is considered a National Park in itself, right on the eastern side of the island, you’ll find this captivating beach where a great variety of wildlife can often be seen and there`s nothing but nature around you. The turquoise water of the sea is perfect for snorkeling, swimming or just enjoying a relaxing day. If you’re looking for a less crowded place to sunbathe or take a walk this is the right place. There’s a trail on this beach for encountering flamingos in a nearby lagoon. Kayaking is also popular at this secluded site.

Cerro Mesa Ecological Reserve

At the eastern side of the highlands of Santa Cruz Island you’ll find the Cerro Mesa Galapagos Ecological Reserve, a remarkable viewpoint where you can take extraordinary landscape pictures, hike and enjoy birdwatching surrounded by the native forest of this side of the island. This exceptional place offers camping sites to spend the night under the stars, a visit to the biggest sinkhole of the island and adequate gear and bicycle equipment to explore the area. Cerro Mesa is located at close distance from the Garrapateros beach, a joint visit is possible.

Chato II

Another great place to visit in our beloved Santa Cruz Island is El Chato II, a big ranch on the highlands where giant tortoises live and roam free while visitors walk among nature. This reserve is a great place for bird watchers also, there are multiple species of birds around the area. Due to the size of the place a guide is recommended when visiting this attraction although you can find trails to discover tortoises along the way.

Tortuga Bay Beach

Tortuga Bay is a beach to fall in love with, its white fine sands melt in your hands, you’ve never seen such distinct sand. Many visitors of the Galapagos Islands state that this is their favorite beach in the archipelago, and it’s no wonder why, kilometers of a white sandy beach with ponds filled with tropical fish, wildlife sightings and pristine turquoise waters make this beach an absolute must. A trail must be followed by foot to reach this paradisiac beach, it’s the perfect place for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and even surfing!
  NOTE: Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can offer you a guided tour to all these fabulous places, ask our staff for more information or book in advance.

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