The Galapagos Islands, an enchanted archipelago

Another common name for this group of islands is Las Islas Encantadas (The Enchanted Islands), and once you set foot on the, mainly lava formed, archipelago the reason becomes evident. The Galapagos Islands are literally a natural wonder, where animals and plants thrive in a tropical environment. Visit a research station and meet the biggest tortoises of the world, explore lava tunnels, go island hopping, take a luxury cruise, eat the freshest seafood you’ve tasted and enjoy the journey of a lifetime in this truly spectacular world-class destination. Exotic and beautiful wildlife is everywhere, along with majestic white sand beaches with clear waters to swim along the underwater creatures of the islands. At Galapagos, you can relax by the ocean or take a hike between otherworldly trees and incredible landscapes. Take a dive with hammerhead sharks, always guided by professionals, snorkel with playful sea lions and much much more, dare to discover the true magic of these islands.

The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, an explorers dream

The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador, in South America, they are located at about 600 miles off the Ecuadorian coast, so to reach our hotel you’ll need to take a plane from the mainland, either from Guayaquil or Quito. You´ll land on Baltra Island from where guests must travel across the Itabaca channel to Santa Cruz Island where you’ll get to the city of Puerto Ayora. 

We’re located right at the waterfront in Barrio Punta Estrada, in a quiet, calmed bay with a magical scenery. You’ll be able to visit many fascinating places from our hotel, either by walking, riding or sailing. We are truly proud of our historic location, right where the first Angermeyer explorers settled along these coasts. 

Santa Cruz Island is also conveniently located to easily reach most attractions around the other islands. There are thirteen major islands and some smaller islands in the Galapagos archipelago, each one with unique qualities and interesting activities. You can visit some of the most iconic islands by booking Day Tours aboard different yachts, according to availability. We can arrange excepcional experiences for you if you wish to stay long in the archipelago with an extension either before or after your cruise or just stay at our property to relax and enjoy the tranquility as well as the wonderful views. Ask our staff for more information.

Galapagos Islands Map