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Explore Under the Sea

Dive and discover the astonishing life of this marine reserve

Even More Adventures at SEA

Explore Under The Sea!

If you’re up to even more adventures at sea, diving is the next step for exploring the wonders of Galapagos Islands. Discover a whole new world diving into Galapagos underwater ecosystem and meet the most amazing ocean life, explore beneath the waves and swim among the unique creatures of this magic archipelago. 

Just imagine diving in this aquatic paradise of 76,448 square miles of protected marine habitat, exploring the incredible Galapagos Islands underwater, is to enjoy truly immaculate native marine life and share the ocean with beautiful astonishing creatures like sharks, rays, turtles and more, at their natural habitat.

Scuba Diving is another popular activity on the archipelago so booking in advance is needed to secure a spot on these special shared tours. There are multiple options for great diving, either at open sea or at shallow waters, diving sites are ranked according to difficulty, whether you’re a beginner or a professional diver, there’s a place for you to join the underwater life for the adventure of a lifetime. 

At Angermeyer Waterfront Inn we can tailor make the ideal package for you, including accommodation as well as a few days of diving and some other excursions in the islands;  you may also combine some days of diving either before or after a cruise.

Scuba Diving Specifications

We outsource the scuba operation to specialists. Our selected partners operate daily-dives according to a schedule and they will provide you with all required equipment. The number of dives per site is usually two (2) and some of the diving places that might be confirmed (as per the schedule and according to your previous diving experience) are: North Seymour, Floreana, Mosquera Islet, Daphne, Bartolome, Gordon Rocks**, Cousins Rock. Please bring your scuba diving license.


NOTES: Dive sites and schedules may be changed due to sea conditions, availability, National Park restrictions or safety requirements. Marine life encounters cannot be guaranteed.

Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can arrange for you scuba diving day tours! ask our staff for more information or book in advance.

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