Punta Estrada - Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos - Ecuador

Dining & Drinks

Taste the amazing flavors of the island in our divine restaurant

dinning & drinks at the angermeyer waterfront inn

La Isla Grill

On Santa Cruz island you’ll find many places to enjoy local delicacies but you don’t have to go far from the hotel to delight yourself with a truly delicious gastronomic experience. Right at the patio of the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn our guests can enjoy the wide variety of extraordinary dishes of La Isla Grill, a remarkable restaurant, with stellar customer service; a wonderful place for enjoying spectacular views and feeling the breeze while tasting delicious signature dishes.

La Isla Grill

Isla Grill Restaurant offers an unrivaled view to the beauty of the islands, it’s furnished in a contemporary style with clean lines, culminating in a familiar,  comfortable and pleasant space. At Isla Grill you can enjoy a great selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood and fish to savory tender meat. The expertise of this restaurant at combining grilled flavors with a touch of Midori Pub is evident. 


Delicious fresh breakfasts are provided each morning by the food experts of Isla Grill, you will get to choose from a fine selection of options from a breakfast menu.

Culinary Experience

Be amazed at the seafood flavors of the mouth-watering fresh dishes of Isla Grill Restaurant, like Gus Octopus, Ceviche Midori, Grilled Tuna, Churrasquito or Galapago´s Style Lobster. The culinary masters of Isla Grill are ready to surprise your palate with appetizers, ceviches, salads, land grill, seafood grill, desserts and more, always using fresh and organic local ingredients to support the local community. All dietary preferences and needs can be catered.

Drinks and Cocktails

Join the charming atmosphere of Santa Cruz at the restaurant’s bar with a complete variety of national, imported and artisanal beers and colorful and delicious cocktails to relax by the ocean and share formidable moments with family and friends. Our glorious signature cocktails are a delight as well, like the Tortuga Bay, Whisky Ginger or the Punta Estrada. Dare to try our spiced handcrafted sangria. A top quality of liquors and a worthy wine list are available to compliment your special occasions.

Unforgettable Moments

At the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn we are happy to create memorable moments and celebrate special occasions. Birthdays, tasting events, marriage proposals, romantic surprises, candlelit dinner at our private deck, you name it, we are experts in ambiance, our sea view confirms it. The hotel and the restaurant can tailor experiences according to your needs. From a private work dinner to an elegant wedding, we can help you create unforgettable events on our beautiful waterfront.