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At walking distance

Follow Darwin’s footsteps and discover Santa Cruz’s island attractions

The best galapagos island places

At walking distance

The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn’s unrivaled location allows our guests to visit some spectacular spots of Santa Cruz Island by walking, although sometimes a short water taxi ride may be needed to access specific places. Beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkeling and even surfing and paddleboarding among other magnificent activities and tours are available within walking distance of our hotel.

Charles Darwin Station

A great close by place to visit is the Charles Darwin Research Station, here you’ll learn about the Galapagos Islands origins and observe giant Galapagos tortoises and other species. You can also visit native gardens and a public library. This important Research Station has worked for decades to provide scientific knowledge to ensure the conservation and restoration of the Galapagos Islands. Next to the station you’ll find a beautiful beach where marine iguanas usually sunbathe. The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can offer you a guided tour of the Research Station, ask our staff for more information.

Las Grietas

Las grietas, meaning “The  Cracks”, is a volcanic fracture in which saltwater and freshwater mix to create a marvelous ecosistem with natural pools to swim and snorkel among tropical fish. Bathe in crystalline and calm waters surrounded by giant rocks and discover all the beauty of this lovely formation. You can jump off to the water or enjoy the marked trails of the site. This unique and beautiful place is a great spot for watching a variety of birds. The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can offer you a guided tour of Las Grietas, ask our staff for more information.

La Playa de los Alemanes

Playa de los Alemanes or German Beach is one of the most famous attractions of Santa Cruz Island, known for its crystalline turquoise calmed waters and white sand. This rather small but very popular beach, is easy to access and allows visitors to swim, snorkel, kayak and observe the Galapagos Islands fauna from a privileged place. This natural public beach is protected by mangroves, when you visit this or any beach, please remember to keep hydrated, apply sunscreen and never leave any trash residues behind.

The Station Beach

Another beautiful and easy to access Galapagos beach is The Station Beach. You’ll find this gorgeous place on your way to the Charles Darwin Station. This lovely beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and birdwatching. Sunsets are breathtaking and the atmosphere on the beach is relaxed. At Playa de la Estación sea lions, marine iguanas and other incredible species are often seen enjoying the sun along the volcanic rocks and white sand at the shore of the beach. 

Fish Market

If you’re a fan of fresh fish and would like to explore the daily community life of Puerto Ayora you’ll enjoy a visit to the local fish market. You can get there by taking the route along the bay of Puerto Ayora, where you’ll find souvenir shops and other attractions. At the fish market you’ll get a glimpse of the lively morning routine of the fishermen and buy the catch of the day for a really fresh lunch. Nevertheless, probably the most amusing aspect of the fish market is the spectacle of pelicans and sea lions waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal some food. The best time to visit this unique place is early in the morning.

  NOTE: Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can offer you a guided tour to all these fabulous places, ask our staff for more information or book in advance.

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