Punta Estrada - Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos - Ecuador


Angermeyer Waterfront Inn

The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is a historic, high end hotel that follows a tradition of harmonic living between humans and nature. We’re dedicated to the natural and social habitat, promoting proper and conscious work ethics while offering prime services and unique experiences. Our unique hotel respects history, wildlife and nature while offering deluxe services in the Galapagos Islands, a true pristine natural paradise, of the few that remain pure on the planet.

We care for the world we live in and we support conservation. We are always seeking to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. Wherever possible we source from suppliers which have proven green credentials. We work closely with the Galapagos National Park and always ensure we meet or exceed the Park’s regulations.

The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is part of Eco Luxury Group,  an experienced and ever evolving travel agency & hotel company with operations in the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. The passion we put on our work is palpable in the generous response of our thousands of guests.


A New Perspective

We differentiate ourselves by the responsible management of our products with the environment and the community; offering a high-quality service by trained motivated staff.

Corporate Responsibility

Our company believes in just and fair treatment to contributors, just payment to suppliers according to established times and negotiations, and eco-minded environmental practices with respect for social diversity.